Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Protein Rich Food for Dogs

4 Different Sources of Protein For Dogs

Just like us humans, dogs also need protein to maintain their body. Good protein intake will ensure that your dog’s body is functioning properly and providing it with the energy it needs. There are many protein-rich food for dogs that pet parents must incorporate in their pooch’s diet. Dogs naturally love meat but apart from that, many plant based protein options packed with fibre also make for good protein sources for dogs. 

Why is protein important for dogs?

Protein is a very crucial part of a healthy canine diet. Protein-rich food for dogs has numerous advantages and every dog parent must include high-protein foods in their floof’s meals. Every dog needs a total of 22 amino acids to make the necessary proteins in its body. Half of this is generated by the canine body, but the other half needs to come from its food sources. Protein-rich foods for dogs also help in muscle and tissue recovery, nail and hair growth, generating new cells, and much more. Apart from that, good protein intake can also help your dog’s body produce chemicals and enzymes essential for normal function.

How much protein do dogs need?

Protein for dogs must be incorporated into their diet mindfully. To reap the benefits of protein for dogs, it must be fed to your pooch in the right proportion. The right amount of protein depends on their age, activity levels, and many other factors.

  • Puppy

All formulated commercial foods for dogs contain an adequate amount of protein for adult dogs. When it comes to puppies, they do need some extra dietary protein to aid in their bodily maintenance and growth. A puppy’s meal should contain over 22-32% of protein to ensure optimal growth. Exceeding that proportion is not recommended since it may result in quick development.

  • Old dog

As a canine body ages, it needs more protein to maintain ideal conditions. If you use commercial dog food formulated for old dogs, rest assured that it has the right amount of protein your ageing furry friend needs. If you feel like it may need a higher protein intake, consult with a vet before making any decisions.

  • Pregnant dog

When you’re feeding a pregnant dog, you’re feeding it for two! While pregnant doggies do need a high protein intake, they also need to consume more fat or calories in general. Consult a vet to know the ideal meal plan for your pregnant doggo!

Three good sources of protein for dogs

Just like humans, dogs also need an adequate amount of protein in their body to stay healthy. The best protein sources for dogs are foods that are easy to digest and contain additional nutrients. Here are the best three protein rich food for dogs:

  • Chicken: 

Chicken is one of the best proteins for dogs because of its nutritional content. The right amount of chicken intake can help maintain your pooch’s health. By providing it with essential vitamins such as zinc, vitamin B3, and vitamin B6. Make sure that the chicken is well-cooked to avoid any health issues such as Salmonella.

  • Beef: 

Beef is an excellent source of protein for dogs and can be included in their diet. Cooked beef without any seasoning or sauces is highly recommended for canines since it is packed with important vitamins and minerals, just like chicken.

  • Soybeans: 

Soybeans are commonly used in most types of dog foods. Apart from being a protein-packed food option for dogs, it also has a high fibre content. This two-in-one food option also contains beneficial vitamins and minerals.

While the three ingredients mentioned above are ideal for your pooch’s meals, there are many other protein-rich options available. Plant-based proteins like quinoa, buckwheat, chickpeas, and green peas are also for your furry pet. If your dog prefers meat, you can keep switching its diet with duck, venison, fish, etc.

Meat and products made with meat are good sources of proteins for dogs. While plant protein has many benefits, animal-based protein is better and much preferred by canines. Meat by-products like PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein contain high-quality protein sources. Moreover, these dog foods are developed by veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM – the world’s leading pet care and nutrition authority. At PEDIGREE®, we make sure that your furry friend gets the nutrition it deserves.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best source of animal protein for dogs?

Meat is the best protein for dogs! Amino acids are very important for a dog’s health and protein is where they get that from. Meat ingredients contain high protein and are highly beneficial for your pooch.

How can I add protein to my dog’s diet?

Should dogs eat protein?

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