4 Ways to Have Healthy Joints For Dogs

4 Ways to Have Healthy Joints For Dogs

Dogs will find every opportunity to run–after a ball, to greet you, or to their bowl when it’s time to eat. But joint problems do come with age and it’s key that they get the right nutrients early on to prevent any issues in the future. What does it take to keep their joints in tip-top shape?

Regular vet visits

It’s recommended that you bring your dog in for a comprehensive exam at least twice a year. Your vet will be able to determine any potential joint issues and already prescribe a preventive program early on.

Getting enough exercise

Daily low-impact exercises are more than enough to maintain a dog’s joints. While intense weekend workouts with them can be fun, do make sure that your dog is built for it, is in good shape, and is still comfortable after your activity.

Manage their weight

This goes hand in hand with exercise. Feeding your dog just the right amount of food with proper nutrients puts less stress on the joints. Being fit also makes it easier for them to move around and exercise.

Feed high-protein dog food

Giving dogs the proper nutrients is essential, especially when amino acids from protein are present to help the muscles recover. Having strong and lean muscles are needed to keep the joints functioning correctly and to avoid any joint issues like arthritis.

Pedigree® Pro High Protein is specially designed for the most active of dogs. The enhanced nutrition formulation made by vets and nutritionists at WALTHAM- the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition, offers as much as 50% more protein to keep dogs of all breeds and life stages healthy, fit, and energized!

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