Why Choose PEDIGREE® Pro?

Why High Protein

As one of the most important nutrients in your dog's diet, protein in dog food helps support your dog's muscles, skin, immune system, hair, and more. Different dogs require different amounts of dietary protein based on their age, activity level, and body condition.

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Dogs who need to manage their weight

If your dog is packing a few extra pounds, you may want to consider switching him to a reduced calorie, high protein dog food. Based on our research, feeding an overweight dog a diet with higher amounts of protein can help burn fat and calories, helping to facilitate weight loss. You may also notice that, when feeding your dog a reduced calorie food, feeding one that is high in protein may help your dog feel satisfied longer.

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Active Dogs

When your dog exercises, his muscles build and break down muscle protein at a much faster rate. The amino acids in protein promote muscle growth and recovery, which means that some extremely athletic dogs can benefit from a high protein dog food.


Complete and balanced dog foods are formulated to provide adult dogs with adequate dietary protein and amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to support their maintenance needs. Growing puppies, however, require extra dietary protein while they grow and develop. It's important to select a food that is formulated for puppies (or "All Life Stages") and meets this demand.

Gestating and Lactating Dogs

A gestating dog's diet should be high in protein. For lactating dogs, protein is just one factor to consider. A lactating dog needs a high quality, nutrient dense diet that is also high in calories. Before deciding on a food, it's wise to consult your veterinarian to be sure your gestating or lactating dog will be getting adequate protein, fat and calories during this critical time.

Senior Dogs

As dogs get older, they need more protein in their diet to help them maintain their ideal body condition. That's why we formulate our senior dog foods with higher levels of protein (as compared to our regular adult dog)

What is a protein?

Proteins are made up of amino acids, and dogs require 22 amino acids to make necessary proteins. A dog's body is able to make about half of these needed amino acids, but the rest must come from the food your pet eats every day. Because these amino acids are so important, they are called "Essential amino acids".

The power of protein

The higher protein in dog foods this mean we must reduce the source of carbohydrate in recipe to balance the total energy. Dogs can use both of carbohydrate and protein to be a source of energy. We know that carbohydrate has a main role to be a source of energy, but protein has more several roles than carbohydrate such as building and repairing muscles and other body tissues, forming the new skin cells, growing hair, building muscle tissue. It also assists in creating body chemicals like hormones and enzymes that are needed for normal function.

Why is animal protein benefit to dog health?

Animal protein raw material have 35% higher protein than plan protein by average. The animal raw material are contributed higher amino acid 2 times of methionine, Cystine, Taurine more than the plant protein source. Animal meal are the source of calcium, phosphorus and Omega 6 higher than plant protein 2 times.

Animal meal are qualified at the positive level to digestibility, but plant protein is in the neutral level. High animal meal could be benefit to dog health in term of the high-level of digestibility material.

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