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Why PEDIGREE PRO high-protein dog food is the right choice for your pet?

At PEDIGREE, we understand that each dog is special in their own way. Hence, our passion lies in offering the finest nutrition that caters specifically to your cherished pet's unique needs. Our PEDIGREE PRO range, high-protein dog foods, is carefully formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of your furry friend, ensuring they receive the best nutrition.

Why is high-protein dog food so important?

You, as caring pet parents, seek the very best for your dogs. And a protein-rich diet plays a crucial role in providing them with a happy, healthy life. Here's why:

  1. Growth and development: Protein is crucial for tissue growth and repair, especially for puppies and active dogs.
  2. Strong immune system: It strengthens their immune system, helping them fight off illnesses.
  3. Lean muscle maintenance: Protein is essential for building and maintaining lean muscles, aiding their strength and mobility.
  4. Overall well-being: Adequate protein supports various bodily functions, contributing to their energy and vitality.

PEDIGREE PRO: Nutrition for every stage

Our premium PEDIGREE PRO range is designed to cater to dogs at different life stages, ensuring they get exactly what they need:

  1. Puppies: A high-protein diet to support their rapid growth and boundless energy.
  2. Adult dogs: Continued support for health and vitality in grown dogs.

Different breeds have different needs. For example, small breeds like Beagles need food supporting dental health, while larger breeds like Labradors require a diet that supports growth and strength.

The science of PEDIGREE PRO

PEDIGREE PRO is a scientifically formulated blend of high-quality ingredients, enriched with essential nutrients. This includes ingredients like Glucosamine and Omega Fatty Acids for joint health, a balanced Calcium to Phosphorus ratio for strong bones, and Prebiotics (MOS) for digestive health. Developed in collaboration with nutritionists and veterinarians from the prestigious Waltham Centre, we ensure that your dog receives nothing but the best.

Features and benefits of PEDIGREE PRO

PEDIGREE PRO's specialised formulas are crafted to meet the unique needs of various breeds and sizes.

  1. High-protein dog food for mini and small breeds: Enhanced metabolism and joint health, a strong immune system, and rich in nutrients that cater to their specific requirements.
  2. High-protein dog food for medium and large breeds: Supports muscle maintenance and hormone balance while also offering complete nutrition for energy management and overall well-being.

Feeding guidelines for PEDIGREE PRO

Transitioning to PEDIGREE PRO is a step towards improving your pet's health. For feeding instructions, consider your dog's breed, size, and life stage. Our guide ensures your dog gets the right amount of food.

Feeding Guide

For adult mini and small breed

Provide the perfect nutrition for your furry companion with our feeding guide for adult mini and small breed dogs:

Size of Dog

Recommended Daily Feeding (gram/day)

1-5 kg


5-7 kg


7-10 kg


Note: You can increase or decrease the daily amount according to your dog’s activity level. Always ensure fresh clean water is available.

For adult medium and large breed

Ensure that the you offer the perfect balance of nutrition to your adult medium and large breed dog with this comprehensive feeding guide:

Size of Dog

Recommended Daily Feeding (gram/day)

10-20 kg


20-30 kg


30-40 kg


40-50 kg


Note: You can increase or decrease the daily amount according to your dog’s activity level. Always ensure fresh clean water is available.

Why choose PEDIGREE PRO?

Choosing PEDIGREE PRO means opting for a brand deeply committed to the varied nutritional needs of dogs. Our scientifically backed formulations, high-quality ingredients, and dedication towards pet health make us a leader in pet nutrition. By choosing PEDIGREE PRO’s tailored nutrition for every stage of your dog's life, you are taking a step towards its optimal development, well-being, and happiness. So, trust us as your partner in caring for your beloved four-legged family member through every step of its journey.

Frequently asked questions

How much protein do dogs need?

Dogs generally require about 18-25% protein in their diet, depending on their age, size, and activity level. Puppies and active dogs may need more for growth and energy.

Is PEDIGREE PRO good for dogs and puppies?

 Why choose high-protein dog food?

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