PEDIGREE® Pro: Extra care for your active dog

Dogs are part of our family and are perfect life companion. They are energetic, lively and can be actively engaging all throughout the day.

Enhanced Nutrition that provides extra energy, extra strength and extra goodness that your dogs need as they spend more time training, running and doing things together - so we can keep our dogs healthy, fit and strong all throughout their life.

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PEDIGREE® Pro High Protein

Our dogs are so integrated in our lives that sometimes we forget that they have an instinctive activeness in them that will always be present.

This activeness shows naturally no matter their size or breed. It shows when they turn in circles before laying down, when they cuddle under a chair and even when they are playing with you all throughout the day.

It is something that needs to be encouraged, fed and taken care of. That is why Pedigree® Pro High Protein provides the extra care and nutrition dogs need to fuel their bodies and satisfy the crave to be active.

Pedigree® Pro High Protein is designed with enhanced nutrition for dogs who are more active. It contains as much as 50% more protein to help dogs build muscles strength, support joint health, promote healthy coat and maintain their energy levels.

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