Everything About Protein For Dogs

Everything About Protein For Dogs

We often hear words like “protein-rich” or “high in protein” when it comes to food that puts the spotlight on its nutritional benefits. While we assume that it’s a good thing, and it is, how much do we really know about protein? Let’s break it down and understand why it should be an essential part of any diet– including our dog’s!

Protein is a “macronutrient,” which means that large amounts of it are needed to maintain a healthy body. This is because protein is made up of amino acids that are in charge of keeping everything from the bones and muscles to the hair follicles in great working condition.

So just like humans, having protein in a dog’s diet can benefit them in a number of ways!

  • It builds and maintains leaner muscle
  • It restores all kinds of cells and tissue
  • It promotes healthy skin and a smooth coat
  • It strengthens the immunity
  • It gives them a good amount of energy

This also means that the more active your dog is, the more vital protein becomes for extra energy, extra strength, and extra goodness! Good thing that Pedigree® Pro High Protein is designed with enhanced nutrition that offers as much as 50% more protein in a delicious lamb & chicken flavor. It’s made especially for active dogs so you can be sure that they’re always fit, healthy, and strong.

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