Protein Requirements For Active Dogs

Protein Requirements For Active Dogs

All dogs need protein in their diet, but it’s the active ones that are truly able to reap its benefits. From all the running, jumping, and even swimming that they do, it’s the protein that keeps them strong and fit.

Whether your dog enjoys everyday active play or undergoes agility training, it’s recommended to feed them a formula that contains 25% protein or more. However, it’s best to look for meat protein as this is what best promotes muscle strength. Strong and lean muscles allow them to move more and for longer. And when it’s time for the dogs to rest for the day, protein also speeds up their muscle recovery.

For the active dogs that love to explore the great outdoors, protein gives them a boost in their immunity as well. Protein, when broken down, becomes the essential amino acids that the body needs to fight off infections and illnesses.

Lastly, feeding your dog a high-protein diet keeps them in shape. High-protein dog food, while it makes them feel full, typically has fewer carbohydrates and fat. This makes it easier for them to maintain a healthy weight and avoid any weight-related issues as they grow older.

Pedigree® Pro High Protein was designed with active dogs in mind. Together with the veterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM- the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition, this enhanced nutrition formulation offers as much as 50% more protein from chicken. Pedigree® also considered different breeds and life stages. Puppy formula has 32% protein as they need more protein for development. As for adult dogs, while mini & small breeds formula has 28% protein, medium & large breeds formula has 27% protein.

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