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How To Stop Dog Chasing: 6 Ways To Stop Dog From Chasing

How To Stop Dog Chasing: 6 Ways To Stop Dog From Chasing

Dogs love chasing things, it is in their nature. However, as a pet parent who is responsible for their furry friend, basic dog chasing training is a must to ensure that everyone around is at ease. A dog’s urge to chase can be triggered by sound, smell, sudden movement, and many other factors.

If you are wondering how to train your dog to stop chasing, there are a few ways to find an outlet for their natural tendency to chase. Toys, games, and even sports can be used to fulfil your dog’s urge to chase. It is important to keep in mind that your pooch’s urge to chase is natural and it should not be suppressed. Let’s take a look at the different ways in which your dog can positively satisfy its urge to chase.

How to stop a dog from chasing

Sometimes, your pooch can direct this kind of behaviour towards a “prey” and sometimes it can be directed towards moving objects like a bike, car, people running, etc. If your dog’s chasing habits are not taken care of, managing it might become a struggle. Here are some ways in which you can help your dog manage its chasing habit.

  • Focus and recall

The first part of any dog training is focus and recall. While focus training might not take much of your time, recall is when the real challenges are faced. Suppose you throw a tennis ball or a log for it to fetch, and it gets distracted easily by another dog or any other factor, you know you have a lot to work on. It is recommended to start your dog’s focus and recall training in a less distracting environment.

  • Leashes

Leashes are a great way to curb your dog’s chasing problem. You can also use a harness. Start your dog’s focus training and work on their recall. Do this while you have your dog on a leash or harness and try to keep its attention just on you. With time, your dog will learn how to ignore the distractions around it. Even if it decides to start chasing something, you can control it with the leash.

  • Treats

How do you stop a dog from chasing something or someone? Give it tasty dog treats! Yes, it is that simple. Include treats in training sessions to stop your dog from chasing. Make food an active part of training sessions so that your dog knows that good behaviour is rewarded.

  • Respecting other animals

Your dog must be taught to respect wildlife. It is natural for them to chase birds, squirrels, or any other animals. Through leash training coupled with treats, teach your dog what is okay and what is not. Moreover, birds and rodents can also be carriers of serious diseases, making it imperative to teach your pooch to maintain a safe distance from other animals.

Games and sports for dogs who like to chase

Some breeds naturally love to chase more than others. If your dog’s prey drive is high, you must find an outlet for their behaviour. There are many ways in which you can make dog chasing fun and safe. Here’s what you can do to help your dog chase in a safe manner:

  • Flirt poles:

If you are wondering how to train your dog to stop chasing, this is the most common and reliable method. A flirt pole is a rod that has a long cord attached to it with a toy at the end. All you need to do is whip it around so your dog can chase it and have fun! This can also be a great way for you to bond with your pet. You can also use flirt poles to teach your dog how to focus. Consider taking your dog to the park next time with a flirt pole.

  • Tug toys: 

Tug toys are similar to flirt poles. Tug toys are usually fluffy and are attached to a material line or a bungee cord. The only difference between this and the flirt pole is that with a tug toy, you can play tug too. Drag your tug toy across the room and wait for your floof to engage and enjoy.

  • Tag: 

This version of dog chasing is the best! The game of tag essentially encourages your dog to chase you in your home or in a safe environment. To do so, show your dog a treat and hold it in either of your fists. Start moving away from your dog while you call out to them. Now, start running around and let it chase you. Once it has caught up with you, give it its tasty reward.

  • Hide and seek: 

Revisit your childhood with this game! Hide in a different room and start calling out to your dog and wait for it to find you. Once you have been found, it is time to reward your furry friend with mouthwatering treats.

If your dog really seems to love chasing around, it would not be such a bad idea to channel its motivation and excitement towards dog sports. They might not be literally chasing something but dog sports like agility, canicross, lure coursing, flyball, etc. can definitely be considered.

Consulting a vet

If you are concerned about your dog’s chasing tendencies and would like a professional opinion on how to stop your dog from chasing, consider visiting a vet. A vet is the ideal person to give you appropriate advice on how to manage your dog’s behaviour. A vet will take many factors into consideration and educate you about your dog’s behavioural patterns and reform needs. They can also help put your mind at ease and recommend the next steps. Chances are that your dog just has a high prey drive and all you need are some playful activities.

Frequently asked questions

Do dogs like to chase people?

It all depends on your dog’s prey drive. Apart from that, dogs in general love to chase humans because they enjoy playing with them.

What breed of dogs love to chase?

Do dogs like chasing games?

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