Benefits of High Protein Dog Food For Medium & Large Breeds

Benefits Of High Protein Dog Food For Medium And Large Dogs

Medium and large dogs can either be gentle giants or a big handful, in the best way possible. They’re great companions, especially for exploring the great outdoors, which is why they also have their nutritional requirements to keep them healthy and energized.

That’s because one of the major health risks for medium and large dogs would, in one way or the other, be related to their joints. Hip dysplasia and other various forms of arthritis are fairly common, but this doesn’t mean that these breeds can’t live long happy, and healthy lives. When it comes to prevention, therefore, it all starts with what you feed them. Their diet should contain the right kinds and the right amount of nutrients that are highly beneficial for them and their lifestyle.

As we know, joints need the muscles to pull on them to function. Without strong muscles, joints will take a pounding and this could lead to a whole gamut of joint issues later on. That’s why food that’s high in protein is necessary. Amino acids, also known as the “building blocks” of protein, offer huge benefits for medium and large breed dogs, primarily when it comes to their muscles and joint health. These amino acids are in charge of repairing and rebuilding lean muscles to ensure that the entire musculoskeletal system is in good working condition.

Pedigree® has designed an enhanced nutrition formulation just for medium & large breed dogs. With the expertise of WALTHAM- the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition, Pedigree® Pro High Protein Adult contains 27% protein along with other added nutrients to ensure your big best friends can run freely with extra energy and extra strength with the extra goodness from this lamb & chicken flavored kibble.

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