How Much Protein Is In Pedigree® PRO High Protein Product

How Much Protein Is In Pedigree® PRO High Protein Product

The protein requirement that dogs need varies depending on their breed, their life stage, and their lifestyle. As a dog owner, it’s necessary to understand what nutrition formulation best fits your pet.

Pedigree® Pro High Protein Puppy

It is at a dog’s puppy stage that protein is most needed. It helps with their overall development, the formation of their bones and muscles, and the strengthening of their immunity. This enhanced nutrition formulation contains 32% protein, just the right amount recommended to support healthy growth. It’s good to know that this also comes with added DHA from Fish Oil to aid in brain development, more antioxidants to boost the immune system, and 6 essential nutrients for a healthy heart.

Pedigree® Pro High Protein Adult Mini & Small Breed

Small dogs have a special diet as their metabolism is a lot faster. They need more calories per pound, and this also includes the amount of protein they need. There’s 28% protein in this enhanced nutrition formulation, giving them the essential amino acids to keep their little but energized bodies active and healthy. Other nutrients like L-Carnitine also help their metabolism, while other antioxidants boost their immune system as small breeds are known to have a longer lifespan.

Pedigree® Pro High Protein Adult Medium & Large Breed

Larger dogs need a lot of protein in their diet, too. It helps regulate their hormone production, builds and repairs muscles, and also keeps their joints strong to support their big, active bodies. High-protein food helps your dog maintain a healthy weight as well. With 27% protein in this low-fat, enhanced nutrition formulation, dogs can get extra energy to prevent them from getting overweight.

No matter what the nutritional requirements of your dog may be, the right amount of protein must be integrated into their daily diet so they can stay healthy, fit, and energized.

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