Benefits of Protein For Your Dog's Skin & Coat

Benefits of Protein For Your Dog's Skin & Coat

The health of a dog isn’t just determined from the inside, but how they look on the outside matters, too. Good skin and a shiny coat signify that they are getting the right nutrients that they need. One of those crucial nutrients is protein.

Protein makes up almost 95% of the fur in dogs, which means about 20-30% of the protein they consume is used up primarily to support that. When a dog is suffering from a protein deficiency, symptoms like a dull coat, rough skin, and excessive shedding start to appear.

That’s why it’s crucial for dogs to get the right amount of protein they need to make their skin and coat healthier. Protein doesn’t just make their skin supple but also makes their fur noticeably shinier and smoother.

With the experts at WALTHAM- the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition, Pedigree® has been able to come up with an enhanced nutrition formulation to support the overall health of dogs, including their skin and coat. Pedigree® Pro High-Protein offers as much as 50% more protein to keep them healthy, fit, and looking good!

Pedigree® Pro High-Protein is available for all breeds, life stages, and lifestyles. Find the one that best fits your dog!

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