Benefits of High Protein Dog Food For Small Breeds

Benefits of High Protein Dog Food For Small Breeds

Mini and small dogs mature a lot faster in that they’re already considered fully grown by the time they reach 6 months to 12 months. This means that transitioning from puppy food to adult food happens sooner.

When choosing food, make sure that the food is formulated for their breed, and that the kibbles are small enough for them to easily chew and digest. Because apart from being adorable or sometimes, a little feisty, you might be surprised to know that mini and small dog breeds require more calories per pound than bigger ones.

It’s their high level of energy and fast metabolism that makes them digest their food quicker. That’s why when you check the label, you’ll find that small breed food formulations contain more nutrients.

High-protein food is something that you should look for. While the lifespan of a small dog is longer than that of medium to large breed dogs, age does come with a lot of health risks. Having the right amount of protein gives them the essential amino acids to stay healthy, fit, and energized. It helps in the renewal of cell tissue, strengthens their bones to prevent arthritis, and gives them a soft and shiny coat.

It’s also best to give them food that has other nutrients to maintain their overall health. L-Carnitine, for example, helps with their metabolism, while antioxidants aid in boosting their immune system.

Pedigree® has carefully studied the nutritional requirements of small breed dogs with the help of experts at WALTHAM- the world’s leading authority on pet care and nutrition. Pedigree® Pro High Protein Adult Mini & Small Breed is an enhanced nutrition formulation with high amounts of protein from chicken that gives them extra energy, extra strength, and extra goodness they need.

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