7 Essential Dog Food Ingredients

7 Essential Dog Food Ingredients

Want to provide your dog with a quality life? Pay extra attention to its diet. Dog’s need nearly 37 essential nutrients to stay healthy. Being an omnivore, dogs meet most of their nutritional needs via meat and plant-based foods. As a dog parent, you might want to create a meal plan that is rich in water, protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Which means, you have to check dog food ingredients, as they provide your pooch with all the necessary nourishment. Thus, it is imperative that you gather all the information on the best dog food ingredients when stocking up food for their beloved canine friendbefore stocking up on your furry friend’s food. Continue reading this article, so you can learn the read the ingredients list with much more clarity and choose the right dog food.

What’s in the dog food: Essential dog food ingredients

The nutritional value of a dog food is defined by the ingredients added in it. The best dog food ingredients are packed with all the nutrition your fur baby needs for optimal health and well-being. Hence, to help you choose only the best for your pooch, we have curated a list of essential dog food ingredients.

  • Animal by-products:

    Dogs are omnivores; they mostly depend on other animals to acquire essential nutrients like protein, fatty acids, iron, and vitamin B. Pet foods made with high-quality animal meat are full of all the essential nutrients a dog needs. Hence, dog food brands are generally made with Bbeef, lamb, pork, and rabbit.

  • Fish and poultry

    Eggs and fish are good sources of vitamins and omega 3; hence, they are also one of the best dog food ingredients. Fishes like haddock, plaice, cod, whiting, sole, herring, pilchards, mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon, and trout contain essential nutrients required for a dog’s health. Fish also contain iodine and calcium, – while iodine balances hormones in dogs, calcium promises stronger bones and teeth.

  • Dairy products:

    Ever wondered what’s in dog food that makes it nutritious and nourishing? While most dog food contains animal by-products, it may also contain milk and dairy products to provide calcium and vitamins.

  • Fats and oil:

    Known as one of the best dog food ingredients, oil and fat contain omega 3 and 6, vitamins A, D, E, and K. Dog food should include fat and oil as nutrients available in them are important for healthy kidneys, reproductive organs, and fur.

  • Vegetables:

    Dog food also contains vegetables for fiber, ensuring optimum digestive health. Adding vegetables in dog food allows you to provide your pooch with vitamins and minerals that are not present in meat.

  • Sugar:

    Sugar is often considered to be a villain in the world of food and nutrition. However, if had in limited quantity, it can be a great source of energy. And let’s not forget its additional benefit – a dash of yumminess.

  • Additives:

    Most dog food brands include additives to enhance flavors, add vitamins, and increase antioxidants in their dog food.

Choose the best dog food depending on your pooch’s breed

When selecting a dog food for your canine companion, always check for what is it made of and whom does it cater to. The nutritional need of a dog depends on its breed size. While a few breeds need more protein other might need more fiber. So, let us learn how to choose the best dog food for your pooch based on its breed type:

  • Small breed:

    Small breed dogs require different amount of calories than larger dog breeds. While it might sound strange, it is true that smaller breeds need to consume more calories because of their higher metabolism. Hence, dog food specially formulated for smaller breeds are loaded with a good balance of grains, fruits, vegetables, and meat.

  • Large breed:

    Medium to large breeds might require lesser calories compared to small and toy breeds. Larger dogs need calcium, vitamins, and proteins to ensure stronger bones and toned muscles. High calorie diet may lead to obesity which is an open invitation to numerous diseases in larger breeds. Pedigree dog food ingredients are specially selected based on the nutritional needs of medium and large breed dogs. You can pick any dog food for your larger fur babies, provided it offers all the essential nutrition they need.

How to store dog food?

If you are someone who buys dog food in bulk, storing it correctly is of paramount importance. To avoid spoilage, follow the given storing suggestions.

  • Store the food in an airtight and dry container.
  • Store dry and wet food in different containers
  • Instead of placing the whole packet in the container, empty the food in the container to avoid spoilage.
  • Keep the food away from the reach of your pooch and children.
  • Use only sanitized and dry spoon to scoop the food and a clean bowl before feeding your pet.
  • If the food goes bad, make sure to sanitize the container before refilling it with fresh food.

Dog food ingredients contain added vitamins and nutrients needed for your pooch’s growth. Hence, learning to read ingredients list will allow you to pick a dog food brand that is nutritionally complete and balanced.

Frequently asked questions

What is the main ingredient in dog food?

All dog foods usually contain a good source of protein, vitamin, and fiber. These nutrients either come from animal by-products like chicken, beef, pork, etc. or vegetables.

What are the best ingredients to put in dog food?

What are the 3 types of dog food?

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