Feeding my puppy

Table scraps and your puppy

Table scraps and your puppy

Your puppy’s sense of smell is a thousand times more sensitive than yours. So it’s no wonder that they’re so interested in your Sunday roast. They’ll definitely want to give it a try (and you probably can’t stop them from pouncing on the odd spill). But getting them used to table scraps isn’t a good idea.

Some ingredients can be harmful
Sugar is bad for dogs’ teeth, spices will irritate your puppy’s digestive system, and too much fat or milk protein can cause diarrhoea.

Your puppy could become a fussy eater
If your puppy gets the idea that table food is better, you’ll have trouble getting them to eat their regular food when table scraps aren’t on offer.

An unbalanced diet can affect your puppy’s growth
If your puppy fills up on scraps and leftovers, they’ll miss out on some of the nutrients needed for their all-important growth. For instance, if he or she gets too much phosphorus, their body will lose vital calcium to compensate, starving their bones. On the other hand, they may just end up eating too much – and becoming overweight.

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