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Symptoms of Rabies in Puppies

Symptoms of Rabies in Puppies

Rabies is one of the most severely occurring diseases in mammals. While it is not common for domestic pets to contract rabies, it is not impossible. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your pet is vaccinated against rabies. If you have not already done so, it is time for you to visit a vet.

Signs of rabies in puppies especially can go unnoticed until it reaches severity. Understanding the signs and symptoms of rabies in puppies can help you save a life before it is too late. Rabies can be fatal once it reaches the later stages. To know more about rabies and how to prevent it, keep reading.

What is rabies and do puppies have it?

Rabies is a severe viral infection that affects the nervous system of animals and can also affect humans. Infected animals can transmit this disease through saliva (bite or scratch) to other animals. Muscle spasms, headaches, fever, and paralysis are common symptoms of this disease. Rabies can lead to coma or death if left untreated for long. The best way to steer away from this threat is to get your pets vaccinated. 

While puppies can get rabies just like any other animal, they are not at a high risk of contracting it unless they come in contact with a rabid animal or are exposed to areas where this disease is common.

Symptoms of rabies in puppies

If you think your puppy may have contracted rabies, pay close attention to its behaviour. Call your vet immediately if your puppy starts becoming restless or aggressive. Any sudden change in behaviour should also be taken into consideration. For example, if your dog is always active and happy but suddenly is more relaxed and lazier, get it checked. Other symptoms of rabies in puppies include difficulty in swallowing, seizures, fever, excessive drooling, or paralysis. 

If your dog has contracted rabies, it will start reacting negatively to lights, movement, and sound. Dogs affected with rabies will always want to hide in dark places and stay unbothered. Another common sign of rabies in puppies is foaming at the mouth. This can also be because of excessive drooling or saliva. Once these symptoms start to progress, dogs cannot be treated. As soon as your dog is bitten by another animal, take it to the vet just to be sure.

Causes of rabies in puppies

Potential causes of rabies in puppies are:

  • Animal bites: Rabid animals are very aggressive and tend to bite. Your dog may contract rabies by coming in contact with another rabid dog.
  • Contact with infected saliva: If a rabid animal licks your pet, they are at risk of contracting the disease.
  • Unhealthy conditions: Puppies living in unhealthy and unsanitary conditions are at a high risk of contracting rabies.
  • Unvaccinated puppies: Vaccination helps keep deadly diseases at bay. Puppies can contract rabies if they are not vaccinated against it.
  • Transmission by birth: If a pregnant dog has rabies, she can pass it on to her puppies at birth. 

How to prevent rabies in puppies?

It is best to get your pup checked for rabies before any symptoms start showing up. An even better way to keep this disease at bay is to get your furry friend vaccinated and eliminate any kind of risk. To prevent the risk of contracting rabies, your puppy should be administered a series of vaccinations at the following ages: 

  • First round: 12-16 weeks of age
  • Second round: 1 year old 
  • Boosters: After every 1-3 years

There are many other diseases that your puppy can contract apart from rabies. Make sure you consult a vet for the best course of action when it comes to your floof’s vaccination doses. Other than that, walk your pet on a leash and keep it away from wild animals! 

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out if my puppy has rabies?

If you think your puppy has rabies, take it to the pet immediately. Yes, you can look out for symptoms such as fever, headaches, change in behaviour, and more but it is best to get your pet looked at by a doctor.

Can you get rabies from a puppy? 

How to prevent rabies in puppies?

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