Preparing for a dog

Finding a good breeder

Finding a good breeder

Buying a pure-bred puppy? Be sure of your breeder.

It’s vital to buy from a reputable breeder so you can be sure your puppy has been:

• bred for good health and temperament;
• properly socialised, so it’s not too frightened or aggressive; and
• vaccinated and well cared-for.

How do you spot a good breeder?

Good breeders have clean premises and happy dogs. They’ll show you registration papers for the mother and puppies. And they’ll ask lots of questions to make sure you’ll take good care of the puppy they've brought into the world.

More puppy-buying tips

These simple steps will help make sure you’re getting a puppy from a reputable breeder.

• Always visit the breeder at their premises and see the puppies together, with their mother.
• Make sure the breeder gives you full care, diet and pedigree information.

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