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How will the PEDIGREE® Dog Food Calculator help you?

The PEDIGREE® Dog Food Calculator is an online tool that has been designed to calculate the amount of dog food that you should feed your dog. It asks you for a few simple inputs to recommend some ideal dog food options that you can choose for your dog. Along with that, the dog food calculator displays the amount of dog food that you should feed your dog based on its breed and body weight.

Step-by-step guide to use the dog feeding calculator

Using PEDIGREE®’s Dog Food Calculator is a simple process. Here is a step-by-step guide to using the dog feeding calculator and getting quick results:

Step 1: Visit the PEDIGREE® Official Website and click on the ‘Feeding Tab’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Feeding Calculator’ from the subtabs that open up.

Step 3: Provide relevant dog information such as dog’s name, breed type, weight (in kg), age, and gender.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 5: The page will quickly display the results of feeding recommendation of dog food from PEDIGREE®. It will also suggest you the number of servings for all the recommended dog food options.

Why is calculating the amount of dog food important?

All dogs are different. And every dog has unique energy requirements due to varying weight, activity levels, and breed. To ensure that your dog lives a happy and healthy life, it is extremely important to understand the correct amount of food that your dog needs. If you do not know the exact amounts of food your dog needs, you might either overfeed or underfeed your fur baby. And this could further lead to health issues. That’s exactly why you need a dog feeding guide calculator at your disposal.

Here are a few common factors that can help determine the amount of food your dog needs:

  1. Age: Younger pups are more active and have higher metabolism rates, and hence they need more calories than adult and senior dogs. Puppies also need more protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Senior dogs, on the other hand, have a low-calorie and high-protein requirement.
  2. Activity level: Active dogs need more calories than inactive dogs.
  3. Dog food type: The amount of dog food you should feed also depends on the type of food you select — wet or dry.
  4. Size of the dog: Small dogs have small stomachs, and thus require foods with high calorie and nutrient density to ensure that they are fed well.

Other factors that may temporarily affect your dog’s food requirements include injuries or sickness (your dog may need more calories to heal faster), dog vomiting (which can be a sign of an underlying health issue and may require adjustments to diet), pregnancy or lactation period (during which time a dog requires more calories). Make use of PEDIGREE®’s dog food amount calculator to understand what and how much to feed your dog. You can also consult your vet to confirm the reason behind the changes in your dog’s weight.

Frequently asked questions on dog feeding calculator

How do I know if I'm feeding my dog enough?

Always keep an eye on your dog’s behaviour and daily habits. If you suddenly notice a drop in their activity level or if you notice a sudden loss in their weight, one of the reasons for those changes might be improper or insufficient feeding. A toy breed dog weighing six pounds or less should consume one-third to about one-half cup of dog food per day. Dogs measuring thirty to fifty pounds, such as Australian shepherds and collies, require one-and-three-quarters cup to two-and-two-thirds cup of dog food each day.

Can we feed a dog once a day?

How much should my dog eat based on weight?

How much is a cup of dog food?

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