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Dog care: canine colds

Dog Care: Canine Colds

Just like us, dogs can catch colds and coughs. And they can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Here’s how to diagnose a canine cold / kennel cough:

• A canine cough, sometimes called kennel cough, will usually be high-pitched and sound as if your dog has something stuck in their throat.
• After a bout of coughing your dog may vomit fluid
• In mild cases the main symptom will be a loud cough
• In more serious cases your dog may have a fever, be lethargic and have very little appetite.

Colds and coughs will usually go away on their own, but you can help to treat them by:

• Reducing your dog’s exercise and encouraging them to rest
• Making sure they have access to lots of fresh water
• Keeping your dog out of dusty areas and away from tobacco smoke.

Coughs are very contagious, so if your dog becomes ill, then keep them away from other dogs for at least a week. If you’re thinking of using a boarding kennel, you’ll often be asked to show that your dog has been vaccinated against kennel cough.

If your dog’s symptoms persist, then take them to vet for a check-up.

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